(Feature Film) Writer, Director, Actor, Editor
Upcoming feature film.
(Short Film, 10sec) Writer, Director, Editor
"I love laying with my girlfriend..."
(Short Documentary, 11min) Director, Editor
Short documentary about British entomologist Kenneth Smith.
Places I Remember
(Short Film, 4min) Writer, Director, Editor
A girl dances like no-one is watching.
Then We Are Together
(Short Film, 10min) Writer, Director, Editor
A man struggles with life alone, before finding happiness with a Super 8 camera.
Deer Chicago "Lantern Collapse"
(Music Video, 4min) Director, Editor
Minimalist music video for Oxford trio, Deer Chicago.
Shelf Life
(Short Film, 3min) Writer, Director, Editor
A story told in an unconventional way.
Echoing Green
(Short Film, 3min) Writer, Director, Editor
Silent short film about loneliness and isolation. Music by Greg Ryan.
My Life With(out) Her
(Short Film, 2min) Writer, Director, Editor
Two minutes showing the life of a man with and without the love of his life. Music by Moby.
The Wait
(Short Film, 8min) Writer, Director, Editor
A young man waits for a bus in order to go and visit his girlfriend. What could go wrong?
(Short Film, 20min) Writer, Director, Editor
What do you do when you can't trust those who help you?
The Narrator
(Short Film, 5min) Writer, Director, Editor, Actor
A young man has his afternoon narrated, but starts to challenge the narrator himself.
See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Everything Else
(Short Film, 9min) Writer, Actor
An insight to a dysfunctional band, trying to get their latest song to work.
The Meeting
(Advert, 2min) Writer, Director, Editor
An advert encouraging people to turn off their phones before a movie begins.
The Bathroom
(Short Film, 2min) Writer, Director, Editor
We go back in time to reveal the events leading up to a possible murder.